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        Innovation Quality, Integrity & Harmonious Responsibility

        Gemac Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd, transferred from previous Xiangfan Rail Vehicle Factory and majority share hole by China Railway Department at present, is one of the leading manufacturers in China of Railway vehicles, electrified railway construction, maintenance and detection vehicles as well as heavy-duty and medium railway maintenance machinery and repair vehicles used for light rail and subway. The company covers 300,000m2 area, including  East District, West District and products test base. With the Railway Engineering & Machinery Institute

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        Contact Us Service Tel:015-35647(路电)  0710-3464840
        Sale Tel:015-35547(路电)  0710-3464808(Internal)  
        Enterprise Email:gemac@gemac-cn.com
        Fax:0710-3447654(Head Office) 0710-3464847(Marketing Department)
        Address :Xinhua Road 6, Fancheng District, Xiangyang, Hubei
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